Keep Growing Regardless w/ Dolvett Quince

In this Episode, I have the pleasure of talking with Biggest Loser coach and my good friend Dolvett Quince. We touch on several powerful topics today including overcoming adversity at a young age, and how to stay hungry for growth – enjoying the journey just as much as the destination.rnrnTune in and done forget to hit up @Dolvett on IG when you’re done!

Have You Paid Your Success Tax? w/ Dean Graziosi

In today’s Episode, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and New York Times best seller, Dean Graziosi and I sit down and chat about an interesting concept: success tax. This was such a fun episode with so many great nuggets of wisdom. Take a listen and let me know what you think!rnrnConnect with Dean on social @deangraziosi

Find Joy In The Journey on w/ Justin Tupper

In today’s episode, we’ll have a conversation with the CEO and founder of Revolution Golf, Justin Tupper. We discuss turning your passion into a profit, what has kept him going through the ups and the downs as well as his advice to any business owner who may be struggling right now. rnrnConnect with Justin on social @justintuppernyc

Business Is A Marathon Of Sprints

This episode is from a mastermind I did at the beginning of 2020. I dive into my belief that business is a marathon of sprints and how committing to that marathon through massive action can yield massive results.rnrnIf you like this episode, share it with someone else and don’t forget to connect with me on social @brianundy

A Turtle Doesn't Get To The Top of A Fence Post By Itself with Jess King

In this Episode, I sit down with Peloton instructor and dance legend Jess King! Join us as we get real about what she’s done in order to overcome to become, the importance of building a team around you, and following your passion!rnrnI also drop a fun fact about myself that very few people know… tune in to find out what it is!